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The Original PocketSpeech
Unlock an avalanche of words from your child's voice.

PocketSpeech Travel Pouch

PocketSpeech Travel Pouch

💡 Instantly Experience Verbal Results

‍🎓 Build Clear Speech w/ Interactive Play

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“My 3yr old has a speech delay and I've been trying different toys to help him. This has been a total game changer! He LOVES it!! Super easy to use and fun.”

Heather W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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What's Included (Free Gifts)

In your order:

1x PocketSpeech
1x Charging Cable
1x 112 Cards with 224 Words

1x FREE Magic Tablet for interactive writing and drawing for curious minds

1x FREE Speech eBook on effective vocabulary and speech practice for early childhood education

Recommended Age?

PocketSpeech is suitable for toddlers and children between the ages of 2-5!

It's perfect for children learning their first words, getting ahead of vocabulary or simply behind on speech!

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Join THOUSANDS Of Parents Who Are Unlocking Their Little One's Voice!

"My nonverbal 3 year old loves it"

If you have a nonverbal toddler, then you understand the anxiety and worry that comes with your child's speech every day. But this toy completely blew me away, it unlocked an avalanche of words that I did not expect from her. - Jackie E.

"Her speech delay disappeared"

I bought this for my speech delayed 2yo after seeing an Instagram ad... and wow am I blown away. It's not a gimmick, this PocketSpeech really helped my girl talk more through play and she absolutely loves all the cards. Thank you!! - Emma F.

"Vocab and speech made fun!!"

Having a toddler means learning new words and it can be overwhelming for new moms. This device has been so great for my daughter.. she learned how to use and is always entertained. Great product! - Suzy K.

"Our favorite toy in the house"

Best toy we bought for my son. He's a little behind on speech and this toy was a great combo of education + play so it ACTUALLY keeps him busy. It comes with so many cards too that aren't too hard or too easy. - Emily U.

What Are Parents Saying?


Of nonverbal / speech delayed children have improved their speech


Noticed their child spoke with more confidence


Said their child's vocabulary and word retention increased

* Results according to customer surveys. For more information refer to each product page.

Listen, Learn, Play

Give your little one an interactive learning experience that is unlike any other.

PocketSpeech™ turns vocabulary into a fun, enjoyable play that holds your child's energetic attention for hours.

Accelerate Your Child's Speech

Boost your child's speech development with PocketSpeech™ - the toy that makes learning play-based and joyful for curious little minds.

With over 200+ words, this toy uses playful learning techniques to strengthen your child's understanding between words and objects.

Secure Your Little One's Future

It's never been easier to help your child develop strong language skills and pronunciation.

Early play with PocketSpeech™ reduces risk of speech disorders such as stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria.

The PocketSpeech™ is designed for your child’s success by providing endless joy and imaginative learning.

Designed With Your Child's Development in Mind

Learn, Laugh, Play

PocketSpeech™ turns vocabulary and speech into fun, interactive play unlike any other.

Secure Your Little One's Future

Encourages your child to find their voice and reduces risk of speech delay and disorders.

Promotes Early Brain Development

Builds stronger connection between words and concepts through interactive speech development.

Accelerate Your Child's Speech

Helps your child absorb new words and topics up to 3x faster by learning through play.

Hear From 20,000+ Customers Like You!

Children who have PocketSpeech see almost an instant improvement in their speech.

Combines fun and education!

My 2 year old daughter loves this! This is a great teaching tool for building language and word knowledge with toddlers. The card reader fits easily into her little hands and helps provide an interactive experience when learning new words.

Verified Review

-Laura E.

Perfect for speech development

I just purchased this as a Christmas present for my 3yo son who is struggling with speech delays. We are seeing great progress with the PocketSpeech and it certainly helps that he is obsessed with playing all day long and repeating the words!

Verified Review

-Cindy B.

My favorite toy in the house

I love it because my young girl can use it on her own and learn words with proper pronunciation. She is actually having so much fun when she plays and keeps her away from the tablets and helps them stay encouraged to learn, which is such a relief as a mother.

Verified Review

-Jessica L.

What Makes PocketSpeech™ Special

  • Non-Toxic, BPA Free Materials logo Traditional Toys
  • Made For Little Hands
  • Speeds Up Vocab Retention
  • Clearer Speech & Pronunciation
  • Enhances Brain Development
  • Recommended By Speech Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of words are on the cards?

The words are common objects that toddlers and children interact with every day, such as fruits, objects, vehicles and colors.

How durable are the cards? Are they waterproof?

The cards are made with heavy-weight (350g) coated paper and laminated with thermoplatic film so that the cards are lightly waterproof and not so easy to be fold and tear up by kids.

What's the recommended age range?

The PocketSpeech™ is perfect for children between the ages of 2-5 and older if they are speech impaired!

How do I repeat the word multiple times?

Simply press the right sided button to hear the word again! You can press it as many times as you want.

How do I adjust the volume?

The volume button is located on the bottom left in the front of the PocketSpeech™!

How long can it be used on 1 charge?

The PocketSpeech™ can be used up to 4.5 hours with a single charge.

Is the PocketSpeech™ available in other languages?

Currently the PocketSpeech™ is only available in English! But please keep an eye out for new releases with expanded language.

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